Please Love Me Program

Please Love Me Program:

What is it?  

Tails of Hope is dedicated to helping death row doggies find loving forever homes. Sometimes the dogs that we save have medical, behavioral or emotional issues that prevent them from being blessed with a quick transition into their forever home. We pull most of our dogs from shelters and their past can sometimes be riddled with neglect, abuse and non socialization. When this comes to pass and a dog goes without finding their new home in a reasonable amount of time, we waive the adoption fee to help move these dogs into qualified, loving and patient homes that are willing to take them as they are and continue their healing.

Who? Here is a complete list of the current dogs in our Please Love Me Program.


                        Y - Years     M - Months     TiP - Time in Program

Picture Name Age Sex Breed TiP Requirements/Issues Foster Report Card
  Baxter 3 Y Male BoxerX   No Other Dogs or Cats Baxter absolutely loves and adores his people, especially men. He is eager to please and can be a great family pet. However he has a high prey drive and will not be good in a home with cats. He also doesn't like other dogs and while he may get along with them for a time, he usually ends up picking a fight. If he could be an only dog, we think he would thrive.
Bixler 3 Y Male SheprX  

Bixler is very fearful. He is afraid of noises, strangers especially men, sudden movements, raised voices. He is a possible fear biter if cornered (he has never even attempt with me, however I see the body language when males come into the house). He is a powerful barker and sounds the alarm whenever anything appears not right to him. Adopters would have to be alert to where he is and his access to strangers. I always put him in his crate, then bring him out later on a leash and he is fine. Bixler is terrified of children and their movements. He should not be in a home with children under 12 and not a home that has a lot of coming and going of kids. I think he would adapt fine to a male in the house after a period of time.

Bixler also likes to mark. Anything new he will claim. I keep a close eye on him when new foster comes in, or new chair, etc. We have chats, he knows that it is not ok.

Been with current foster for over a year. He is such a sweet boy one on one. He loves attention, cuddles, being petted and is very attentive to what I am doing. He listens well, comes when called. He is terrific in a crate both when I am at work and at night. I have called him Peter Pan for months. He is the first dog that I introduce to new fosters. He is very good with all the fosters and my personal dogs. He plays (bit rough with the big fosters) but is so gentle with smaller dogs. He adores playing in the yard. He loves car rides and will accept a leash. He does need leash work however.

I think he would adapt fine to a male in the house after a period of time. That person would have to feed him, walk him and spend time with him. My brother can pet him after the initial "walking in" period is over.

Confetti 6+ Female PittX   No Cats Fearful - Senior, 6 to 7 years. Confetti came in years ago with a litter of puppies. She was scared of men and shy in general. She is a sweet girl that loves her foster mommy and will need a new home that will give her time to warm up. She is an alpha female but gets along well with other dogs. Does not do well with cats.
Holly 1-2 Y Female RetrieverX  

Needs Fenced in Yard

Holly will not tolerate a leash. She bashes her head against the wall in an attempt to remove it. This does not mean she won't ever, just right now she will not tolerate it. She has to be carried from car to house, etc. This will require the right home setup. She needs a fence in yard with an easy access door. She is still little fearful of coming through the door if you are standing in it, and a dog door might be easier for her. She is housetrained, but if outside look dicey, she will go in the house.

She would do best in a quiet house, no yelling or harsh corrections. Adopters must be aware she will require a long time to adjust. Quiet, patience and very gentle touch are what will make Holly's forever home a success.

She is also a flight risk. If she gets out, you will not be able to catch her. She would have to be trapped. Home check required.

Holly and Hope are sisters but they are not a bonded pair. Holly is fearful, flight risk, needs fenced in yard.

I have had Holly since late February. She came in with Hope and Delbert. She is a gorgeous red haired retriever mix. Holly is very shy and terrified of noises. A pencil dropped on the ground will startle her. She has made very good progress and is ready for a forever home. She is quite the talker, always speaking her mind. She will allow me to pet her and frequently comes up to me to be petted.

Hope 1-2 Y Female RetrieverX  

Needs Fence. Fearful, flight risk, needs fenced in yard, will not tolerate touch, nor eye contact.

Hope will not accept a leash, so the right home setup is key. She has to have access to a fenced in area, through a low traffic door. She will not go through a doorway if you are standing in it. Dog door would be best. She will go the bathroom in the house if she feels going out is not safe. She needs a crate or enclosure for her own space, near door she is going to go out.

Hope needs a quiet home with 1 or 2 people maximum. She does interact with few other fosters but does not seek them out. She stays mostly to herself. She will require a long time to adjust. Quiet, patience and very gentle touch are what will make Hope's forever home a success.

I have had Hope since late February 2016. Hope is a beautiful cream colored lab mix. Hope is feral. She does not accept human touch nor eye contact. She is terrified. However she has made progress. She now goes in and out when asked and will go crate when asked. She plays with few of the fosters and is now checking out the yard. She will come up and sniff my fingers, but no other touching.

She is also a flight risk. If she gets out, you will not be able to catch her. She would have to be trapped

  Lola 3-4 Y Female ShepX     No children under 12 years old, probably 4 to 5
Marsha 2 Y Female BeagleX  

Needs Fenced in Yard. Fearful. Flight Risk.

Marsha has no leash experience. She is quite afraid of a leash. Because of this she requires a fenced in yard. She is house trained and is pretty good about coming back inside when asked.

She would do best in a quiet house, no yelling or harsh corrections. Adopters must be aware she will require a long time to adjust. Quiet, patience and very gentle touch are what will make Marsha's forever home a success

She is also a flight risk. If she gets out, you will not be able to catch her. She would have to be trapped. Home check required.

Marsha aka "Little Girl" has been with me over a year. She came in terrified and shut down. She was adopted out by a young man who desperately wanted to give her a great home. She was not ready and returned. After months of slow going and consistency she now allows me to pick her up and sit on my lap. She still is not overly fond of being handled. She is crate trained and quiet. She is housetrained with doggy door and sleeps on my bed every night. She is friendly to me and enjoys being petted. Loves deer antlers, treats (getting bit pudgy!!) and food.

She does play rough with the other fosters. She seems to enjoy their company, but sometimes it gets out of hand. She screams in distress at the slightest touch from the other dog, indicating she is being killed, when in reality they have barely touched her. Many times I have run outside thinking she is being hurt, only to be past by her on her way in!!

Oslo 1 Y Male Australian Cattle DogX  

Fear Biter, Needs experienced owner

NO KIDS under 16 and he needs a fenced in area to run and expel some energy. He has done great with all the foster and my personal dogs. No issues with the dogs.

Oslo was returned for biting. He is fearful and will bite if cornered or forced to do something he is not wanting to do. I am working on crate training, he is now sleeping in his at night and goes in with a cookie.

He is a good boy, just very fearful He has not had boundaries, nor rules in his young life. I think an experienced dog owner would do fine with him. He needs to know his place, and not allowed to claim anything.

NO KIDS under 16 and he needs a fenced in area to run and expel some energy. He has done great with all the foster and my personal dogs. No issues with the dogs.

one of the $$$$ pups

Rachel 2 Y Female ChowX   Can't be shown at events.  
Rosie Love 2-3 Y Female Collie Boxer   Leash Walk Only or Fence that she can't escape Needs fenced in yard,can easily clear a 6' fence at minimum or possible leash dog rest of life Escape Artist, Leary of Men has threatened to bite
Snookie 2 Y Female PittX   None Wonderful girl, about  2 years old. Pitt mix
Sparkle 5 Y Female LabX   Needs to be stay at home dog in a quiet home. Crated or put up when visitors come. Fenced in yard prefered because can be protective during leash walks.

Sparkle was an owner surrender who has been adopted and returned 3 times. She is potty trained and can acclimate to a home...but once acclimated, she doesn't endure change well. Sparkle has been with us for a while and she is very deserving of finding her forever home. She is amazing in her foster home, she is potty trained and doing great with the kids, cats and dogs in the home. She loves car rides and can be trusted for lengths of time in your car while you run your errands. She loves to play with toys and balls and will initiate play on her own if there isn't another dog to play with.

We believe the reason that she hasn't found a home yet is that she doesn't show well in a crate at Petsmart. She gets very defensive in her crate and will growl when dogs come near her. Having crate aggression at adoption events is pretty much a deal breaker towards showing people how wonderful she is. I am assuming that she was taunted once upon a time while she was crated or gated and the damage still remains.

  Wiley 2 Y Male Yellow LabX   Exciteable  
Zurich 1 Y Male Australian Cattle DogX   No young children. Becomes protective of home and people quickly. Should be put up when visitors come. Recommend a home with at least one other very active dog to help meet his exercise requirements.

Zurich definitely shows his cattle dog heritage as he will herd anything that moves- dogs, cats, children. Zurich is extremely high energy and could use a home that will understand he needs to release his herding energy or he could become a nightmare! However he does have 1 bum leg that does seem to bother him after intense runs. Agility work or herding would be excellent! When he was found as an orphan, he was covered in maggots which drew rodents that snacked on his leg... very sad but luckily with special care Zurich and his littermates thrived. His first home returned him at 5 months because they only wanted a running partner. They felt with his leg he couldn't run the 15+ miles a day. His second home didn't work because he herds the other dogs, cats, and children. Zurich also bonds quickly and wants to protect his chosen person so he will need a home that is strict but loving. Zurich just turned a year old. He's still very much a puppy at heart. He is house trained and crate trained. He knows sit, stay (at his discretion), shake, and lay (also at his discretion). He currently is a lean 45#ish.





If you are interested in adopting one of our Please Love Me doggies, you would need to fill out an application just like any other adoption. Applications can be found at this link - . When submitting the application please put Please Love Me: NAME of the DOG in the field where it asks which dog you are interested in adopting.

You also need to remember that the dogs in this program are in here for a reason. These dogs can absolutely thrive in the right environment, however they are going to need time, love and patience. Sometimes they may have additional medical needs  that will need to be met. Sometimes it is as simple as them being mixed with an undesirable breed. Sometimes they may need continued training. Many of these dogs will have restrictions, such as must have fence, must have another dog, must be a stay at home dog, must not have other dogs in the home, must not have cats in the home, etc.  Please make sure that your home is likely to set the adoption up for success before committing.


Tails of Hope was set up to be a dog rescue with a focus on saving dogs in shelters from being put to sleep. We were not set up as a dog sanctuary. We need to maintain a revolving door in order to continue with our mission of rescuing death row doggies. When we have 35 spots for adult dogs, and 20 of them are occupied by dogs that we can’t adopt out, we quickly put ourselves out of the business of saving dogs. In addition to halting our mission, our dogs need us to give them every opportunity to find their true forever home. Holding onto them with hopes of getting our money back from their vetting, isn’t something that is in their best interest. As a matter of fact, it’s often times the dogs that we have spent the most amount of money on that find themselves in this program.

How Much?
For the most part the adoption fee on our Please Love Me Dogs are waived completely. You will still have access to their vet records, showing that they are fixed and up to date on shots. Donations are always appreciated but not required.